Located: Firgrove Public School

Address: 270 Firgrove Crescent

Intersection: Jane & Finch

Opened: 1984

On June 14th 2001, the Firgrove community and children had the opportunity to have a breakfast with a group of players from the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club.

Tony Batista, Homer Bush, Shannon Stuart, Brian Simmons and Kelvin Escobar all made their way to the Firgrove Breakfast Club as part of our celebrity chefs program. The kids were naturally thrilled to see this group of sports celebrities show up for breakfast. The players were all great with the kids, and everyone involved enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

In the summer of 2003, Firgrove Breakfast Club was re-named to Roy Henry Breakfast Club. Mr. Henry was a long time supporter of TCBC. He was always willing to assist by either providing storage space or trucks to transport supplies for the programs.