Name of Club



Ashton Meadows 230 Calvert Road, Markham, Ontario Woodbine and 16th Ave
Gord Martineau Cedarbrea Breakfast Club 550 Markham Road, Toronto, Ontario Markham Rd and Lawrence
Jennifer Valentine St Bernard 12 Duckworth St., Toronto, Ontario Jane and Lawrence
Shoreham Public School 31 Shoreham Dr., Toronto, Ontario Jane and Finch
Dixie Public School 1120 Flagship Dr., Mississauga, Ontario Dundas and Dixie
Johnny Bower Breakfast Club 3570 Haven Wood Dr., Mississauga, Ontario Burnathorpe and Dixie
Tomkin Middle School 3200 Tomkin Rd., Mississauga, Ontario Dundas and Tomkin
Baycrest Public School 145 Baycrest Ave., Toronto, Ontario Lawrence and Dufferin
Charles H. Best School 285 Wilmington Ave., Toronto, Ontario Finch and Dufferin
Hasting Public School 25 Alber St., Hastings, Ontario Hwy 45 and Hastings
Roseneath Public School 9047 Country Rd., Trenthill, Ontario Hwy 45
Beatrice Public School 90 Rose Glen Rd., Port Hope, Ontario Hwy 45 into Port Hope
Falstaff Breakfast Club 30 Falstaff Ave., Toronto, Ontario Jane and Falstaff
Roy Henry Breakfast Club 270 Firgrove Crescent, Toronto, Ontario Jane and Firgrove
Ted Woloshyn Breakfast Club 3400 Ponytrail Dr., Mississauga, Ontario Burnamthorpe and Ponytrail
Port Hope High School 130 Highland Dr., Port Hope, Ontario Hwy45 into Port Hope
Mel Lastman Breakfast Club 2180 Ellesmere Rd., Toronto, Ontario Markham Rd and Ellesmere
William J. McCordic Breakfast Club 45 Balfour Ave., Toronto, Ontario Danforth and Dawes Road
Warren Woods Breakfast Clubs 74 Firvalley Court, Scarborough, Ontario Warden and Pharmacy
Colbourne Public School 8 Alfred St., Colbourne, Ontario Hwy 45 into Colbourne
Kingston Galloway 4301 Kinston Road, Toronto, Ontario Kingston Rd and Galloway