On the morning of Thursday, December 14th several corporate teams gathered in the ballroom at The Don Valley Hotel & Suites to compete in The Children’s Breakfast Clubs annual  Egg Cooking Competition. By 7:00 AM all 15 teams fired up their grills and began to prepare their egg-themed dishes. Each team was provided with one dozen fresh eggs from Burnbrae farms and the rest of their ingredients were kept a secret. The celebrity judges began to arrive and mingle as Santa Claus circled the room getting everyone excited about the holiday festivities. There was a photo booth in the corner where teams were getting group photos taken to get pumped up and ready to cook! The ballroom was filled with high-energy from all participants and the competition kicked off fabulously.

It wasn’t long before the ballroom filled with smells of breakfast cooking. The judges walked around the room getting a feel for what the participants were preparing before it was time to taste each dish.  Each team was supplied with one dozen fresh eggs thanks to Burnbrae farms, and the rest of their secret ingredients were up to them. Unique egg dishes began to fill the tables of the ballroom and the competitive energy was rising.  All teams put their best foot forward to compete for the Egg Cooking Cup.

The children from Stanley Public School were an integral part of the morning as well. They sang two beautiful Christmas carols alongside Sid Ikeda on the harmonica for all to enjoy. While the adult teams were creating Egg Dishes, the children got the chance to creatively decorate holiday-themed cupcakes – with love! The cupcakes were beautiful and all in attendance enjoyed seeing the children get into the Christmas spirit.

The clock was ticking and it was finally time for the judges to taste the Egg Creations. Each team lined up one at a time to serve the judges what they had prepared. The judges tasted each dish as they kept in mind the criteria of taste, creativity, and presentation. I’m sure it was a tough call as everyone’s dishes looked uniquely scrumptious! Click the link at the bottom of the page to view photos of some of the egg creations we saw. 

After tasting all dishes, the judges deliberated and awarded first place to Harvey Kalles Real Estate for their amazing Santa Claus themed Egg Creation (Stay tuned for a blog post on the winning recipe). Second place was awarded to Centennial College’s Culinary Arts Team (2) and third place to the team from The Don Valley Hotel’s Kitchen. The children from Stanley Public School cheered and applauded for the winning team.

At the heart of the annual Egg Cooking Competition is the common theme of supporting those in need and giving back during the holiday season. The event came to a close with three cheque presentations to The Children’s Breakfast Clubs from Burnbrae Farms, The Jimmy Buffet Parrot Heads and The Don Valley Hotel & Suites. The Egg Cooking Competition is a great way to give back during the holidays while experiencing a morning of high-energy, team building fun with your friends or colleagues. On behalf of The Children’s Breakfast Clubs, we thank everyone who participated in this year’s competition and hope to see even more teams compete in 2018.

Happy holidays to all!