When The Children’s Breakfast Clubs initially heard that the population of Monarch Butterflies had decreased significantly we knew we wanted to make a difference in any way we could. Members of our organization started spreading the word by sending Milkweed seeds to several of our friends, supporters, and volunteers as a means of spreading awareness while encouraging them to take action.

Last year, we took the initiative to get our children involved by hosting a day at Casa Loma where we educated them about the Monarch Butterflies and explained the benefits of planting Milkweed by showing them how to do it firsthand. We helped the children spread awareness by face painting Monarch Butterflies on their faces and sent them home from the field trip this way.

When we heard Matt Galloway’s recent radio segment on CBC’s Metro Morning, we were extremely excited to hear that The David Suzuki Foundation had confirmed the recent increase of Monarch Butterflies this past summer due increase of rain and plentiful Native Milkweed Plants. We too have been keeping track of our Monarch Butterfly spottings alongside our supporters and children, and have noticed a significant increase in past months as well.

We were specifically inspired to hear about the success of The Butterflyway  Project canoe planters like the one in Christie Pitts Park. The canoe planters have proven to be directly linked to the increase in Monarch Butterflies throughout Toronto this past Spring/Summer. This initiative has caught our eye as something we’d love to get our children involved in. That being said, we are very pleased to announce that The Children’s Breakfast Clubs first canoe planter will be located at Taylor Creek Public School thanks to Fairgreen Sod Farms for the donation of the canoe and topsoil!

Our children will not only be involved in planting the Milkweed seeds but will be painting the canoe as well. This is the first of what we hope to be many canoe planters at our Breakfast Club locations.

Do you have an old canoe that you would like to donate to The Children’s Breakfast Clubs to be used as a Native Milkweed Planter? If so – call us at (437) 836-6222 and help save the Monarch Butterflies!