On Saturday, May 27, 2017, The Children’s Breakfast Clubs and 110 children from schools and community will be participating in a Bike Safety and Injury Prevention Training Day.

The primary goals of the Safety Day are to promote a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and exercise and to teach the children the safety rules of the road.

 A series of workshops will be provided by Toronto Public Health, Toronto Fire Services and Toronto Paramedics on first aid, safety & preventative injuries. In addition, the children will participate in fitness training sessions followed by a bike race.

The event is supported by Toronto Police Officers, including those in the bicycle and motorcycle units, who will help the children understand road safety rules, assist them as they complete the obstacle course of the Bike Rodeo, conduct supervised road tests and sign off on the children’s “Healthy Lifestyle” booklets.  Constable Hugh G. Smith of the Toronto Police Service Traffic Services and a Can-Bike II Certified Instructor will provide safe cycling instruction for the children.