The Children’s Breakfast Club is a non-profit charitable organization that believes every child is entitled to a nutritious breakfast. An estimated 4,000 meals are served each week in the 20+ clubs across the Greater Toronto area.
The Children’s Breakfast Club runs many events during the year to raise awareness and raise funds. Stay tunedLearn More
If a child starts their day with a good breakfast, they have a better ability to learn, be social and.participate in activities..Learn More

The Children’s Breakfast Club Objectives:

  • Provide children with nutritious, well-balanced and appetizing breakfast meals prepared in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Encourage children to develop healthy nutritional, behavioural and personal hygiene habits.
  • Provide children with emotional support.
  • Encourage and develop the skills of staff, volunteers and other community members.
  • Provide social and intellectual stimulation.

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